I think anyone serious about getting into street photography would thoroughly enjoy this class. Mike’s passion for photography is contagious. I particularly benefited from his teaching on street photography theory.
— Jon, L.A. Street Photography Workshop

I love photography!  Whether it is capturing the natural beauty of our world and sharing it with others, or telling a story that a viewer can participate in through reflection, I'd enjoy helping you discover and convey your vision.  Having been a teacher for nearly 20 years has undoubtedly taught me how to facilitate others in their journey of learning and this is no less true in photography.  I feel I can help you with your photography in three contexts: Workshops, Personalized Tutoring, and now the home school class setting, especially great for inspiring kids photographically!

~ 2017 Workshops ~

Details for some are published and others will soon be published, but please do inquire by emailing me or by using the contact page here.

All questions Are welcome!

~ Landscape Photography ~

~ Street Photography ~


Mike definitely inspired me to keep looking at objects and people in a different perspective, but more importantly, helped in keeping my radar on good opportunities.
— Scot, L.A. Photography Workshop

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  Photo Credit  -  Jonathan Rogers

Photo Credit - Jonathan Rogers

  • If you have interest in learning how to make that hunk of plastic and metal do your bidding, drop a line.
  •  If you'd like to have a better command of composition and lighting, send a note
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