Long Beach Street Photography Workshop

March 17th and 18th, 2017


The theory of street photography made it even more interesting.
— Lloyd, L.A. Street Photography Workshop
Multi-Person Discounts Available

March 17th

  • We will meet over coffee, discuss some theory, practical tips, and setting personal goals for the day.
  • Then we will do some shooting near the meeting place around the area of the Downtown Long Beach, Pine Street, and Ocean Blvd.  Look forward to making friends and being challenged by pushing the envelope.
  • Throughout this time you will receive personalized instruction in small two-person groups.
  • If people's schedules permit, maybe a dinner together talking about our day and getting to know each other!


March 18th

    • Meet and discuss Lightroom editing and post-processing techniques and pointers.  We will have some informal image review to further shape our shooting for the rest of the day.
    • Break out and fill any gaps in our shooting toward the completion of our mini-projects.
    • Finish up our time together with project presentations, and group image critique.  One of the best ways to grow!


    Check out a variety of Long Beach Street Photography images here

    Multi-Person Discounts Available
    I think anyone serious about getting into street photography would thoroughly enjoy this class. Mike’s passion for photography is contagious. I particularly benefited from his teaching on street photography theory.
    — Jon, L.A. Street Photography Workshop