picture study

You're Unique... Just Like Everybody Else!

The other day I wanted to write a review on iTunes for a podcast that is really neat and run by some great ladies.  One in particular is pretty fine, too!  But I've never written a review before so I needed to come up with a username.  I take it that this would be my moniker for all future reviews so it's gotta be slick, right?!  So I went with ol' faithful, MikeD.  Apple graciously let me know that "This nickname is taken. Enter another and try again." No prob.  Hey, who wouldn't want to to roll with the name of one of the Beastie Boys?...especially the one that gets respect!

Silly Rabbit, Pix are for Kids!

Kids are great storytellers, as some of us know all too well!  Why not have them employ it in a properly creative and guided manner, rather than when we ask them who ate the last of the cookies?!  So props to my wife for a rockin' idea, as we share our first official photo appreciation session here at the Dees household.  To take holy words out of context, "Forbid them not."