art appreciation

In Praise of Shadows

I noted before that I've seen several themes show up here and there in my image library: the wide use of doors, windows, shadows, and others.  Surely, loving the pursuit and writing with light, these are bound to show up once in a while, how could they not?  But they appear quite a bit in my images and I've wondered why?  If I were to recline on a couch and have a psychotherapist draw out my earliest memories would they find untold treasures or horrors pertaining to these themes?  Probably not...

Silly Rabbit, Pix are for Kids!

Kids are great storytellers, as some of us know all too well!  Why not have them employ it in a properly creative and guided manner, rather than when we ask them who ate the last of the cookies?!  So props to my wife for a rockin' idea, as we share our first official photo appreciation session here at the Dees household.  To take holy words out of context, "Forbid them not."