Hello, World!

How exactly do I start and where?  Recently with a friend, I ran some blog post ideas by him and the response was something like what I expected.  Some comments to the good, others were more like, "meh", and lastly, in the middle, were the tellingly ambivalent expressions.  Unexpectedly, toward the end of it all he asked,  "What exactly is it that you are trying to do with the site?"  I was kinda stumped at the question and I still am.  Not the best sign, but not the worst either.  There are a lot of things I'd like to see happen here but all I know for sure right now is that I really really like photography, want to share some thoughts here and there (trying not to feel narcissistic!), and would like it all to amount to some grand vocational opportunity as time unfolds...not too much to ask right?!  I suppose already the feel of the blog is taking form, and that's ok.  I've always envisioned it as being somewhat diary-ish, even if it's at the risk of inclining others to think that I like the sound of my own voice.  Kind of a smattering of some technical stuff like workflow and editing, mostly artistic and philosophical reflections, and finally some image analysis and discussion if visitors feel so inclined.

“What exactly is it that you are trying to do with the site?” I was kinda stumped at the question and I still am. Not the best sign, but not the worst either.


Maybe a small peer into a decision about the site would be a nice first step on the blog.  In case you had not noticed, my desire is to showcase two basic kinds of images on the main gallery page.  Those being landscape and urban documentary/street photography.  Yes, these are different, but there can be discerned an underlining commonality.  Experience is varied and multifaceted, but reality isn't.  Reality is the one thing, the way it is, not the way it are.  We live and move in it, not them.  So the question was how can this be employed in images on the front page?  Below are alternate images for the main galleries.  I liked them for the parallel nature of their pattern, while at the same time obviously disparate in terms of color and man's intervention (or dominion or cultivation if you prefer).

If you see what I'm saying about unity and plurality here, mission accomplished.  So why did I end up not rolling with them?  A much more profound and compelling reason... my unpaid and much-wiser unofficial manager insisted that I roll with what you now see on the main page.  That person, of course, being my better 7/8ths, my wife.  The homepage should just have plain ol' better images to draw folks in.  Do you feel the tug?  Hope so!

~ Mike