ARTifice (noun. /ahr'-tuh-fis/ or /är'-də-fəs/) Human attempts at cunning devices that aim to mask what we wish to be hidden and create new identity. But can what lies under, that which defines, the essence of a thing be kept secret by trifling adornment? Can our ingenuity and technological advance remove the shared ousia of divided people? Gaze at the celestial spheres and marvel, yea, but let not the mundane escape the categories of beauty and truth. My wish is that you might view the story of others, their diverse living and moving, while at the same time discerning a broader narrative into which we all belong.


Being from the New World, it makes a trip to Europe such a treat of, seemingly, ancient proportions. My time in the cities below were full of dark shadows, cobblestone streets, shafts of light, seasoned faces, and historic places...not to mention amazing cuisine. The folks of Continental Europe were warm like the Mediterranian waters and I am happy to say there were many welcomes for this Yank and his camera!


These are more punctuated collections of images grouped by theme. Hopefully they'll be ever-evolving, improving, and narrowing in on what I hope to express. Check back on occasion since my camera is always clicking!


What does a city look like? By this I do not only mean the style of architecture and whether or not it's a rural or an urban setting. Rather, if one were to patiently soak up the ethos of a municipality, observe its peoples, and learn its cultural mores, then what would be the image formed? Is it fair to even attempt the capture of this geographically united people-group, via picture? Maybe, maybe not. I leave it to the viewer to judge. Here are galleries that attempt to paint a picture of places I've visited and come to love. They are rather extensive in nature so saddle in as we Picture a City.