Perhaps from the verbiage of my site you would get the impression that my head is in the clouds, but I assure you that this is not the case.  I'm a normal guy that has an abnormal love of shooting.  For more of my philosophy about the what, when, why, where, who, and how of photography, please visit my BLOG and feel free to comment.  I'd love to interact.

My interest in shooting gained much steam when my pops let me have a black and white darkroom in the house when I was in college.  Maybe it's inexplicable, but there's just something so invigorating about capturing a frame in time, especially one that might invite reflection.  I've done a some wedding and event shooting, and I've enjoyed that only to the extent that it allows for a more journalistic or documentary feel.  Real estate photography, product shoots, and some commercial photography have come my way also and challenged me in ways I was not used to.  This has slowly bled into journalistic and street photography.  Most notably in Long Beach, CA, where I call home.

One may find it odd that I also have such a fervor for landscape photography as well.  It calls for almost an entirely different photographic skill set and certainly another vision.  Again, it's that moment in time.  True, there's less ambiguity and narrative attached to it, but hopefully one can find themselves transported to a pretty place and craft your own story there.  I've had the joy of sharing my images in a couple of shows locally.

Besides the purely artistic endeavor I will be conducting local landscape and urban photography workshops, image editing instruction, selling prints, pictorial storytelling projects, and the thought of commercial venture sounds great also.  Please do CONTACT me if any of these interest you.

More important than any of that is that I'm surrounded by the best five people you could ever want to know, full of creativity, joy, and love.  My wife, Jen, and my four kiddos, Mason, Conley, Ella, and Oliver. It does them no justice to label them an asset, but should I have one thing to recommend myself to you as a person and potential associate, it would be their excellence and my closeness to it.

If you have some time please stick around and check out the galleries here at WILDNESS & ARTifice.